October 22, 2021

Hall of Fame

Mark Munro

#4 Mark Munro

Head Coach
Mark Munro was one of the orignial Markham Shamrocks. A solid second baseman, his impact to the organization was really felt when he bagan managing the team.  He began coaching the team shortly after the team started and took the team from a little known baseball organization to one that would be a force year in and year out.  He coached the team through many hard years, but kept pressing on.  Changing the name to the Pioneers, he led the team to a Provincial "B" championship in 2000 and then took the team to the Senior A championship a year later.  In 2002, the team made the jump to the eliminations tournament winning four in a row before bowing out on Monday.  Then in 2003, he led the Pioneers to its first and only Eliminations crown and a third place finish at Nationals.  He then continued coaching the Pioneers until he left the team in 2009 in order to coach his son Samuel full time.

#11 Matt Wagner

Matt began playing with the Pioneers in 1994 as a 17 year old and continued playing until 2009.  Starting in RF his first year, he switched to centerfield and was a mainstay in the Pioneers lineup for 16 years.  Matt's speed and athletism were uncomparible and his bat was a middle of the order bat for years.  Holding many records for stolen bases, at bats, and games played, it was also his off the field team leading abilities that made him a Pioneer legend.  He was a member of the 2000 Provincial B champion and the 2003 Elimination Champion as well as a National Bronze medalist.
Matt Wagner
Jeff Fox

#00,56 Jeff Fox

Infield, Outfield
Jeff was a versatile player, playing in the outfield as well as the middle of the infield, wherever the team needed him that day. Jeff was a part of the core group of players that built the Pioneers into a mainstay in the senior circuit. Starting in 2000, Jeff played 18 years in a Pioneer/Mariner/Red Sox jersey. He was a terror on the basepaths and his defense made him one of the most reliable players to put on the uniform. Jeff also got the biggest hit in Pioneer history, with a walk-off single up the middle to clinch the 2003 Elimination title.

#22 Steve Waggot

Steve was a Pioneer workhorse on the mound in the early years of the team right through to the 2003 elimination title run.  Whenever there was a big game for the Pioneers, Steve was on the mound.  He was  a mentor for the young guys that joined the team, always lending an ear and guys picking his mind about the game.  His competitive fire and craftiness on the mound helped the team to many wins and helped to establish the team as a place to play senior baseball.
Steve Waggot
Paul Singleton

#37 Paul Singleton

Singer was a workhorse.  During his playing years, he was called upon to pitch for the Shamrocks, Pioneers constantly.  A fiery competitor, Singer's desire and skill made him a pitcher to be reckoned with on a night in night out basis.  Singer pitched in almost every game for the team in the early years.  Along with Mark Munro, Singer took over with the coaching and running of the team for many years.  He was instrumental in building the team, dragging countless infields, coaching first base, leading the team in off field activities and recruiting.  His passion for the game rubbed off on his players and he was a member of the coaching staff during the 2003 Elimination title run and is a National Bronze medalist.

#35,53 Mark Petrou

Catcher, Outfield
Mark played for many years with the Pioneers, coming up with the core group of players that would form the basis of the team for years to come. Mark handled behind the plate duties for the Pioneers for many years,managing the pitching staff, keeping runners at bay with a powerful arm and contributing offensively with some incredible numbers including holding the single season home run record for the Pioneers. Later in his career, he mixed in playing the outfield to give the knees a break. A dynamic offensive player that led the team in homeruns, as well as speed not normally found in a catcher made him a middle of the order bat for many years. He was a member of the 2000 B championship team, and 2003 Eliminations Champion and is a National Bronze medalist.
Mark Petrou

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